my safe place

May 29, 2010

Laying with my head back, i can feel the world engulf me like an amazing bean-bag chair. it presses on my arms and my legs and my hands; sometimes a little painful. but comforting nonetheless. this is the place i go to feel safe. a lonely place, but for some reason my head thinks that’s best. i tend not to think logical things through.

there are fields and endless fresh-water lakes. the water is such a deep turquoise it almost seems black if you don’t look close enough. there’s a bed for me here, floating, with a canopy to shade me from the sun – there are no clouds. it floats easily. there are no waves. there are only mountains on the horizon, full of jungles and life in the far far distance. if i lay back, with my eyes looking at the bottom of the canopy,I can see vines.

At first they crawl slowly along edges, and then slide inwards. their motion is accompanied by these strange strings of light, and tiny particles of blues and purples. it’s beautiful, and if i’m lucky, i can watch them meet from both sides and entangle each other in the center above me. that’s my favorite part – vines growing together and moving in opposite directions.

there are creatures in this place. but they keep to themselves, and they can’t see me. i think it has something to do with echo-location, or they can’t see in the same spectrum as me. or maybe i’m not there at all, although i can feel it.

my arms feel as if they are spreading apart and going upwards. the sensation of floating, almost, but my body remains on a bed. if i lean out, to dangle my feet in the water, sometimes i can fall off doing that – floating upwards. it takes me a long time to get back again.

i like the water. it’s cold but not freezing. it’s nice on my feet – slowly moving my legs out and into the water over and over.

other times, i find land. the endless sea morphs into the endless field. although there’s always a forest on the horizon somewhere. this land is not as flat as the sea, and there are nice, gentle-sloping hills as far as i can see. although there are numerous flowers, there is only one kind – a white flower with a yellow center. i think it’s alright. they’re small and soft. there are no sticks, or rocks, and i’ve never seen dirt – the grass is lush but not so long that it irritates my feet. It’s perfect for running through. but i never do. i never really stay long in the fields, since i prefer my sea.

this is where I go to be Elsewhere.


One Response to “my safe place”

  1. Katharine Says:

    Thank you for sharing your dream, your Elsewhere.

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